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DepthDown V2

This is DepthDown, it's a rundown that is still being worked on and updated frequently but provides a fun challenging experience.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

dakkhuza-MTFO-4.4.4 icon

The premier in GTFO DataBlock editing ;^)

Preferred version: 4.4.4
BepInEx-BepInExPack_GTFO-3.1.0 icon

BepInEx pack for GTFO. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 3.1.0
Flowaria-LGTuner-0.99999.3 icon

Fine tune your LevelGeneration! [Early Access 2]

Preferred version: 0.99999.3
Dex-Tweaker-1.9.1 icon

Extra features for rundowns

Preferred version: 1.9.1
Untilted-LightsAdjustment-1.1.2 icon

For those who are annoyed by flashlight movement and lights

Preferred version: 1.1.2
EEC-EEC_I-1.7.8 icon

Add lot more flexibility for designing your own Enemy. Designed for Rundown Developers - aka ExtraEnemyCustomization [Version 1.x]

Preferred version: 1.7.8


Greetings, this GTFO mod aims to make levels that incorperate interesting gameplay and scenarious that are unavailable in the vanilia game. This mod also contains difficulty increases to areas of the game that at times could be too easy such as stealthing and lack of challenge at the apex of the mission. As a result of these difficulty increases, prisoners are expected to have prior experience with the complex and it's variety of inhabitants. The complex in question has suffered a major outbreak due to unprepared containment procedures. Due to this mass outbreak, the levels of the complex have increased biohazard warnings as well as a variety of breached areas all of which being more deadlier as you go deeper in order to sustain the complex until it is safe to resucure.

Side Notes

.All custom weapons[especially newer ones] are expected to be balenced in the future

.Levels are being worked on still but due to lack of available testers, balancing progress is slow


Version 0.0.0

.Added A1

.Implemented additional custom content

Version 0.0.1

.Fixed scout spawns in A1

.Modified the layout of A1

.Modified the enemy placement throughout A1

Version 0.0.2

.Fixed B_Key spawn in A1

Version 0.0.3

.Added A2

.Implemented additional custom content

Version 0.0.4

.Added A3

Version 0.0.5

.Fixed Health Issues[that were used for testing purposes]

Version 0.0.6

.Added varied consumable distrubution to A1,A1 EX,A2,A3

Version 0.0.7

.Removed stamina

.Removed artefacts from A1's Extreme sector

.Made flashlights brighter

.Changed hibernate spawns in A3

.Added a overload sector to A3

.Added a extreme sector to A3

.Changed A3's core gameplay

.Changed A3's map layout

.Changed loot tables for A3

Version 0.0.8

.Reworked A2

.Added EEC

.Made bots more responsive to combat

.Reworked some scans in A2

Version 0.0.9

.Added multi-shot smg

.Added additional ammo packs in A1 extreme

.Changed A1 extreme's objective a bit

Version 0.0.10

.Changed multi-shot smg's sight

.Changed multi-shot smg's ammo capacity

Available versions

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2023-1-12 0.0.7 19 Version 0.0.7 Install
2022-12-19 0.0.6 33 Version 0.0.6 Install
2022-12-18 0.0.5 16 Version 0.0.5 Install
2022-12-18 0.0.4 14 Version 0.0.4 Install
2022-12-10 0.0.3 20 Version 0.0.3 Install
2022-10-28 0.0.2 60 Version 0.0.2 Install
2022-10-28 0.0.1 17 Version 0.0.1 Install
2022-10-27 0.0.0 34 Version 0.0.0 Install