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Just as title says. Simulate APEX Legends' weapon in GTFO.

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Inaccurate APEX Weapon Pack

v0.0.4 made by Large Uselessness

Just as the title says. Trying to copy APEX Legends' weapons to GTFO. All new weapons are based on new string. This means every player MUST USE THIS MOD, otherwise the cagedrop won't work correctly. So even if this weapon pack is not balanced at all, it's still OK and can't be use to ruin other player's experience lol.

How I balanced weapons: Every data from APEX are under best-attached condition. Especially extended mag, because APEX usually has a smaller clipsize and longer reloadtime, even they have best attachments equiped. Some simulate extra attachment like Quickdraw Holster, Double Tap Trigger, Precision Choke, Skullpierecer Rifling and Hammerpoint Rounds. Calculate every GTFO weapons DPS (consider reloadtime, charguptime, burstdelay), and make new weapons' DPS (almost) same as GTFO weapon. Then let them has (almost) same total amount of damage to balance ammo capacity. (damage * ammo capacity) Some weapons are not using the way above for their ammo capacity. How new ammo capacity setting works: Primary max 300+20, which take 5 slots in APEX. Secoundary max 180+20, which take 3 slots. Each pack refill 60. And adjust each weapon's ammo capacity mostly based on Arena mode.

The boosters should still work? See below which is their original GTFO weapon.

Primary Weapon

B1202 Pistol

from P2020. based on Pistol. dmg 3.127 2.35x stagger multi 0.75x precision multi shotdelay 0.08s clipsize 18 reload 1.13s Full reload animation

PE-45 Repeater

from RE-45 Auto. based on Pistol. dmg 2.5 0.75x precision multi shotdelay 0.077s clipsize 22 reload 1.74s Quick Draw

R-66 SMG

from R-99. based on SMG. Dmg 1.925 0.77x precision multi Shotdelay 0.055s Clipsize 27 Reload 2.21s Not 100% accurate.

R-103 Carbine

from R-301. based on AR. Dmg 2.58 0.875x precision multi Shotdelay 0.074s Clipsize 28 Reload 2.88s

74-KV Flatedge

from Flatline. based on HeavyAR. Dmg 2.85 0.875x precision multi Shotdelay 0.1s Clipsize 30 Reload 2.7s 1.25x ADS appearance is from Bullpop. _late reload problem is fixed. I guess. it should be changed at 2.0s _

D7 Recon DMR

from G7 Scout. based on DMR. dmg 7.25 0.875x precision multi shotdelay 0.25s clipsize 20 reload 3s 1.5x ADS Damage seems didn't change so much.


from Hemlok. based on DMR (...why me didn't choose Double Tap?). 3 rounds burst. Dmg 3.64 0.875x precision multi Shotdelay 0.066s Burstdelay 0.25s Clipsize 30 Reload 2.48s 1.25x ADS

Predator PDW

from Prowler. based on Carbine. 5 rounds burst. dmg 2.8 which is strangely high 0.75x precision multi shotdelay 0.05s burstdelay 0.2s clipsize 35 reload 2.6s the bullpop's reloading problem are fixed a little.


from Titanfall's CAR. based on SMG dmg 2.21 0.66x precision multi shotdelay 0.071 clipsize 30 reload 2.52s


Clawman Revolver

from Wingman. based on Revolver. dmg 8.5 1.25x precision multi shotdelay 0.38s clipsize 9 reload 1.83s Quick Draw Full reload animation Long shotdelay might be weird comparing to GTFO's trigger-sensitive 0.1 shotdelay. GTFO didn't have something like input buffer when firing, which is you can just hold LMB to wait semi weapon shot next round. Sure I can set it to auto mode but...weird.

Karibbean Shotgun

from Mozambique. based on HELRevolver dmg 4*4 2.26x stagger multi 0.775x precision multi shotdelay 0.32s clipsize 6 reload 2.1s Crosshair fits spread which is pretty loose at mid range Fixed spread pattern. Can't rotate it to a standing delta △ shape. This is a problem about game design, not me... ...Pirates of Karibbean!

Masterpiece Pumpshotgun

from Peacekeeper and Mastiff. based on Pumpshotgun. Dmg 2 * 20 0.66x precision multi (!) No damage falloff because it's energy weapon. Shotdelay 0.75s Clipsize 6 Reload 3.5s 1.25x ADS Crosshair fits spread Changed fire animation. Every shot it will cock back and forward but with SFX(however seems everyone might heard it universally).

REVA-7 Auto

from EVA-8. based on Autoshotgun. Dmg 2.86 * 7 0.75x precision multi Shotdelay 0.15s Burstdelay 0.35s Clipsize 8 Reload 3s Crosshair is bigger than spread Fixed spread almost like a super flat 8 shape lol

M-200 Arson LMG

from M700 Spitfire. based on R5(or R1?) machinegun. dmg 3.425 1x precision multi as APEX designed this way. Shotdelay 0.11s clipsize 55 reload 3.31s 1.25x ADS

Immersion LMG

from Devotion. based on R2machinegun. 0.7s chargeup time Dmg 2.75 1x precision multi as APEX designed this way. No damage falloff because it's energy weapon. Shotdelay 0.66s Clipsize 48 Reload 3.27s not that much recoil as the RPM is increased badly, also for it has long chargeuptime. Unlike Devotion, it can't shoot while chargeup firerate!! but does this zero-falloff feature acutally useful? wh0'd #eck 1s g01ng t0 u5e th1s 9un t0 k177 a str1k3r 100 m3ter5 aw4y???

Archer Heavy DMR

from Longbow DMR. based on Sniper. dmg 18 1.5x precision multi shotdelay 0.76s clipsize 12 reload 3.29s 2x ADS Archer's ammo capacity also increased, increased much. You don't want a weapon that don't even fill up a mag when drop down, with a damn hard miss punishiment!!!. When firing, you can hear a clicking sound. Same idea with Peaceguardian. The clicking will sound in 0.38s, combine with fire sound it would be a steady rhythm. But this clicking sound might be universal and other players might heard...?

Overlook Sniper

from Sentinel and Kraber. based on Sniper. dmg 5 * 7 2x stagger 2x precision no damage falloff shotdelay 1.6s clipsize 5 reload 3.24 3x ADS fixed spread There's 3 clicking sound after each shot. Find your rhythm on it! kind of silly if try to kill something far away because the minimal conesize feels loose in that distance.

Patchnotes v0.04

New Stuffs

GAR SMG. from titanfall's CAR.


Edited PlayerData.json. So now use a new ammo capacity setting. Primary ammo max sets to 300+20, which means 5 slots and player's mag in hand in APEX. Secondary's sets to 180+20, same idea but means 3 slots. Then adjust each weapon's ammo capacity by using APEX's Arena mode's ammo capacity. Each pack fills 60. Which means even 5 packs can't fullfill you primary. BUTT, you are filling 2 weapons at a time!! Player got 180+20 and 120+20 at begining, which means 3 slots+ / 2 slots+. Drop in player got 120+20 and 60+20. (Remaining 2 slots means regeneration items like cells and medkit, lol, not really) (Where is tool slot? And I think you need a purple backpack!!) (I don't even wants to adjust each weapon at first, you just got 5 slots of ammo, just use them and pick DMR!) ...however might still be weird. Fortunately we are in an uncompatible mod, let it just be unbalanced, who knows? (NO)

Edited some weapons reload animation part. All primary weapon's and two revolver's animation is edit to suit their tac reload time. Some do not have tac reload time like P2020 and Wingman, so it have to wait full animation. I was going to give up this part, because animation sequence is freakin' dumb!!!(NO MERCY)

Weapon Data

B1202 dmg 3.125 - 3.127

PE-45 dmg 2.49 - 2.5

D7 dmg 7.5 - 7.25 changed sight

Masterpiece Dmg 4 * 10 - 2 * 20 0.6x precision - 0.66x precision

REVA-7 dmg 2.2 - 2.86 conesize 4 - 3 changed recoil animation

Clawman dmg 9.6 - 8.5

Karibbean dmg 3.5 - 4

M200 dmg 3.2 - 3.425

Immmersion dmg 2.7 - 2.75

Archer 4 layers pirecing rounds

Overlook clipsize 7 - 5

Later Updates? v0.04

Going to add


Going to change


Misc plan

I got a bad live recently. Not so motivated to create my stuff.

Available versions

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