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Improves the logic of the bots and makes them more reliable in combat.

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Makes the bots smarter by improving their combat and make them more reliable. Currently in the early stage. Must be the host for it to work.


Ver 0.0.8 (Beta)

- Bots will no longer friendly fire, the bullets that bots fire will phase through players and bots.

Ver 0.0.7 (Beta)

- Made a config file for the mod
- Added "Improved Aim" config to toggle aimbot on or off.

Ver 0.0.6 (Beta)

- Bots will now priotize shooting weak spots on the enemies (Such as the ones on the Tanks and Mothers).

Ver 0.0.5 (Beta)

- Removed the 10% weapon bonus damage.
- Removed the 10% damage resistance.

Ver 0.0.4 (Beta)

- Improved the bot's shooting accuracy.
- Bots can now pick up objective items during combat, and they will drop it if attacking monsters are too close.
- Bots will cancel picking up items inside resource containers if any human players are close.
- Bots will inflict 10% weapon damage.
- Bots have a 10% damage resistance to melee and projectile attacks.

Ver 0.0.3 (Beta)

- Bot's can now open resource containers if they are not locked.

Ver 0.0.2 (Beta)

- Set the revive priority back to default.

Ver 0.0.1 (Beta)

- Initial release
- Bots will cancel revives if too many attacking monsters are nearby or taking consistent damage.
- Bots will do more evasive manuvers and use their guns more often in a horde of monsters or if a monster is nearby that takes away 40% of health with a melee attack.
- Bots will cancel their attempts to ping resources when being attacked.
- During combat, bots will run over to the resource packs to grab them instead of walking.	


- Place `BetterBots.dll` into the `BepInEx\plugins` folder.
- Unzipping the zip into your game folder should work as well.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2023-11-23 0.0.8 1365 Version 0.0.8 Install
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2023-7-27 0.0.5 221 Version 0.0.5 Install
2023-7-26 0.0.4 139 Version 0.0.4 Install
2022-12-10 0.0.3 3354 Version 0.0.3 Install
2022-11-22 0.0.2 455 Version 0.0.2 Install
2022-11-18 0.0.1 202 Version 0.0.1 Install