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Rundown Protocol 7.0 completed. Prisoners sent down to establish further complex connections.

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The premier in GTFO DataBlock editing ;^)

Preferred version: 4.4.4
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BepInEx pack for GTFO. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 3.2.0


Rundown Heat

  • Hi guys, welcome to my first rundown Heat! Currently it includes 15 levels: two warm-up levels, four C levels, five D levels, and four E levels. All levels include new elements or playstyles.
  • Since the releases of R6 and R7, GTFO never brought me back to the tough days I experienced in R4 and R5. All levels in Heat could be comparable with the D and E levels in R4 and R5, or even harder.
  • Heat is a vanilla rundown, and it will surely provide you an original but more intensive and challengeable gaming experience. You must have both excellent teamwork and pro gaming skills, and then GTFO.
  • You don't need to be a gigachad to enjoy most part of this rundown. Heat is designed for everyone who loves this game.
  • This rundown may be updated frequently based on players feedback.

Weapon Changes


    Double-Tap Rifle
    Heavy SMG
    Burst Rifle
    Sawed-off Shotgun

    Burst Cannon
    HEL Rifle
    HEL Gun

Buffed Vanilla Weapons:

    Heavy SMG: DMG increased from 2.01 to 2.41. This weapon was toooo weak.
    Sawed-off Shotgun: DMG increased from 23.6 to 33.5.
    Precision Rifle: Clip size increased from 8 to 12.

Custom Weapons:

    Swarm SMG
    Combat Assualt Rifle
    Blast Revolver
    Light Machinegun
    DMR(thermal sight)

    Gauss Shotgun
    Pulse Rifle
    Burst Shotgun
    Double Tap Sniper
    Lite Burst Cannon
    Heavy Assault Rifle(thermal sight)

Thank you for playing!

  • If you find problems like poor resource distribution, unexpected difficulty, layout with potential improvement, etc. while playing, plz contact with me on GTFO modding discord server(my id: criscriscris) and that would help me to make Heat better.
  • There is a feedback forum in "devs feedback" channel in GTFO modding discord server. Feel free to leave your comment!

Special Thanks

  • Memoryl: Weapons rebalance suggestions
  • Mr bro: Custom T Scan help
  • 纳村: F2 essential playtests and feedback
  • My GTFO playtest team
  • Everyone who provided me rundown feedback and help :D

Update 1.0.10035

  • Pre3:
    • Fixed warden intel typos

Update 1.0.10034

  • Pre3:
    • Level released

Update 1.0.10033

  • F2:
    • Final development progress
    • Added a little surprise into this level

Update 1.0.10032

F2 Beta is kind of painful. Players are always struggling to look for resource supplies due to super intensive enemy waves and complexity of the layout. This update might help them a lot.

  • F2 Beta:
    • Resource packs are more likely to spawn as large packs
    • Fewer locked resource containers
    • Increased max packs per container
    • Slightly modified reactor waves
    • Now players need to complete the first wave to unlock ZONE_44

Update 1.0.10031

  • C4:
    • Fixed wrong alarm settings from previous update

Update 1.0.10030

  • F2 Beta:
    • Changed ZONE_44 layout
    • More resource in ZONE_44
    • Removed the alarm on ZONE_44 but added a new one on ZONE_45
    • Moved the checkpoint on ZONE_44 to ZONE_45
    • Modified verification time
    • Modified scout waves
  • E2:
    • Decreased extractioN scan speed
    • Modified resouRce distribution
    • Replaced two charger scouts in ZONE_750 with two scouts
    • Modified final error alarm
  • Rundown changes:
    • Reduced artifacts in all levels

Update 1.0.10029

  • F2 Beta:
    • More resource in ZONE_34, ZONE_35, ZONE_39, ZONE_43
    • More fog repellers
    • Increased reactor startup warm up time
    • Modified reactor verification time
  • Weapon changes:
    • Double Tap Sniper: Reduced charge up time and cooldown
    • Burst Shotgun: Increased DMG, but reduced ammo capacity and increased reload time

Update 1.0.10028

  • F2 Beta:
    • More resource in early game
    • Added some messages
  • Weapon changes:
    • Gauss Shotgun: Reduced charge up time
    • Burst Shotgun: Increased DMG

Update 1.0.10027

  • F2 Beta:
    • Fixed missing reactor waves

Update 1.0.10026

  • F2 Beta:
    • Removed the first checkpoint
    • More verificatin time for the 4th code
    • Modified some reactor waves
    • Modified progression puzzle on the door to ZONE_39
    • Changed some terminal position
  • Weapon changes:
    • Autoshotgun: Modified sight part
    • Double Tap Sniper: Significantly increased reload time and charge up time
    • Burst Shotgun: Increase DMG, but reduced clipsize and total ammo capacity
    • Combat Assault Rifle: Reduced DMG, but added overpenetrating rounds and incresed total ammo capacity

Update 1.0.10025

  • Removed some custom scan types(RS Scan and Dual Scan)

Update 1.0.10024

  • F2 Beta:
    • Fixed some unexpected terminal positions
    • Modified alarms
    • Modified enemy distribution in ZONE_45

Update 1.0.10023

  • F2 Beta:

    • Moved the fog turbine in ZONE_37 to ZONE_34
    • Removed disinfection stations
    • Modified security alarms
    • Buffed the 3rd reactor waves
    • Remade consumable distribution
    • Remade fog transition events
    • Modified extraction waves
  • Weapon changes:

    • Burst Shotgun: Reduced DMG and increased reload time, but increased clipsize and totcal ammo capacity

Update 1.0.10022

  • F2 Beta:
    • Nerfed the thrid reactor waves
    • Added two disinfection stations

Update 1.0.10021

  • C2:
    • Added a birther in reactor waves

Update 1.0.10020

Enabled F2 Beta.

Update 1.0.10019

Fixed F3 missing description.

Update 1.0.10018

  • Weapon changes:
    • Combat Assault Rifle: Removed overpenetrating rounds
    • Autoshotgun: Less ammo capacity, but increased stagger DMG multi
    • Swarm SMG: Higher precision DMG multi and reduced reload time, but reduced stagger DMG multi
    • Gauss Shotgun: Reduced clipsize, but increased total ammo capacity and DMG, and reduced reload time
    • Pulse Rifle: Reduced ammo capacity
    • Burst Shotgun: Reduced DMG and total ammo capacity, but reduced reload time

Update 1.0.10017

Some custom weapons are way too op and need to be nerfed.

  • E2:
    • Added a message on fog transition event
  • Weapon changes:
    • Swarm SMG: Reduced stagger DMG multi and DMG, but increased ammo capacity
    • Autoshotgun: Reduced DMG, but increased precision DMG multi and ammo capacity
    • Double Tap Sniper: Increased cooldown
    • Combat Assault Rifle: Reduced DMG and ammo capacity, but increased clipsize
    • Light Machinegun: Reduced DMG and firerate
    • Gauss Shotgun: Reduced DMG and increased reload time

Update 1.0.10016

Fixed some level description typos

  • Pre2:
    • Fixed resource container spawn bug

Update 1.0.10015

A quick reminder: Sometimes enemies may stuck at the spawn point(two rooms away) if there are a lot of objects, and these enemies will start moving when players get close enough to them or after a long time. In E2, E4, and F2 Beta, you are more likely to see this(like E2 birther error alarm and E4 pouncer spawn event). As far as I know this issue can happen on all types of enemies, especially on mini-bosses and pouncers. It happens in vanilla game too. Before I find an available solution, please be aware of that.

  • E4:
    • Added two door open messages for ZONE_671 and ZONE_672(two blood doors)
  • F2 Beta:
    • Temporarily disabled
  • Weapon changes(all custom weapons got buffed to encourage players to use them as rundown features):
    • Added Autoshotgun, Double Tap Sniper, and Burst Shotgun
    • Combat Assult Rifle: Increased firerate, reduced reload time, and increased total ammo capacity, but reduced piercing count to 2
    • Lite Burst Cannon: Increased cooldown time, reduced charge up time, increased DMG and total ammo capacity, added overpenetrating rounds
    • Light Machinegun: Increased DMG, firerate, stagger DMG multi, and precision DMG multi, but reduced total ammo capacity
    • Swarm SMG: Increased DMG and stagger DMG multi, but reduced precision DMG multi
    • Gauss Shotgun: Increased charge up time and cooldown time, but also increased DMG, clipsize, and total ammo capacity
    • Pulse Rifle: Increased total ammo capacity
    • Blast Revolver: Reduced reload time

Update 1.0.10014

  • E2:
    • Modified scout waves and regular waves
    • Replaced two shadow scouts in ZONE_750 with two charger scouts

Update 1.0.10013

Major update on E1.

  • E1:
    • Modified the first S scan
    • Objective events changed
    • Modified enemy and resource distribution
    • Level overall rebalanced so players could beat this level with different paths
  • F2 Beta:
    • Modified all reactor waves
    • Removed a scout in ZONE_35

Update 1.0.10012

F2 Beta released. Currently it needs more playtests to balance resource, enemies, reactor verification time, and so on. I added three checkpoints into this level to help players save their progress and provide feedback. If you want to test this level rather than simply playing it, plz do it without using boosters. Anyway, you are all welcome to leave your valuable feedback. When it is fully released, checkpoints will be removed.

  • F2:
    • Beta version released
  • C2, D2:
    • Fixed reactor waves spawning
  • Weapon changes:
    • Lite Burst Cannon: Reduced charge up time

Update 1.0.10011

  • E2, E3, E4:
    • Significantly reduced the amount of enemies
  • E2:
    • Modified error alarms and fog density
  • D2:
    • Fewer enemies in EX
    • More terminals in EX

Update 1.0.10010

  • C2:
    • Removed cocoons
    • Added a fog transition event on EX completion
  • D5:
    • Nerfed the error alarm on ZONE_407

Update 1.0.10009

D2 early game was kind of long and boring.

  • D2:
    • Remade early game content
    • Improved performance
  • Weapon changes:
    • Lite Burst Cannon: DMG increased to 10.7 but reduced clipsize to 15

Update 1.0.10008

Removed all herbinate Pouncers.

Update 1.0.10007

  • D5:
    • Removed and modified some content in EX
    • More fog repellers

Update 1.0.10006

  • Rundown changes:
    • Reduced overall amount of hibernate enemies by 10%
    • Rebalanced tool refill distribution in most levels
  • D3, D5:
    • Improved performance
  • Weapon changes:
    • Gauss Shotgun: Reduced charge up time
    • Pulse Rifle: Reduced clipsize to 20 but increased total ammo capacity
    • Combat Assault Rifle: New Simplified Chinese name
    • Added Lite Burst Cannon

Update 1.0.10005

  • E2:
    • Slightly reduced the amount of enemies in ZONE_750, ZONE_751, and ZONE_752

Update 1.0.10004

Fixed F2 roleplay intel typos

  • E4:
    • Removed an unexpected blackout event(I added it while testing the level but forgot to remove it then :p)

Update 1.0.10003

  • D5:
    • Modified some security scans
    • Removed an uplink terminal in OV
    • Added more terminals for ZONE_407 password hunt
  • Weapon changes:
    • Combat Assault Rifle: Increased dmg but reduced clipsize and ammo capacity

Update 1.0.10002

Working on Rundown Simplified Chinese translation.

  • Weapon changes:
    • Thermal Sight Heavy Assault Rifle: Sight part modification
  • Rundown changes:
    • Finished Simplified Chinese translation on custom objective progression and custom gears
    • 完成了自定义任务推进提示和自定义武器的简体中文翻译
  • F1, F2:
    • In plan
  • E4:
    • Increased fog transition time
    • Slightly modified survival waves
  • E2:
    • Added an error alarm on extraction
    • More resource

Update 1.0.10001

  • Weapon changes:
    • Added Thermal Sight DMR

Update 1.0.0 to 1.0.10000

Check previous versions for updates details

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2023-1-29 1.0.10035 44 Version 1.0.10035 Install
2023-1-28 1.0.10034 44 Version 1.0.10034 Install
2023-1-28 1.0.10033 72 Version 1.0.10033 Install
2023-1-27 1.0.10032 72 Version 1.0.10032 Install
2023-1-26 1.0.10031 77 Version 1.0.10031 Install
2023-1-24 1.0.10030 98 Version 1.0.10030 Install
2023-1-24 1.0.10029 61 Version 1.0.10029 Install
2023-1-23 1.0.10028 71 Version 1.0.10028 Install
2023-1-19 1.0.10027 170 Version 1.0.10027 Install
2023-1-19 1.0.10026 9 Version 1.0.10026 Install
2023-1-18 1.0.10025 60 Version 1.0.10025 Install
2023-1-18 1.0.10024 13 Version 1.0.10024 Install
2023-1-17 1.0.10023 62 Version 1.0.10023 Install
2023-1-16 1.0.10022 36 Version 1.0.10022 Install
2023-1-16 1.0.10021 7 Version 1.0.10021 Install
2023-1-15 1.0.10020 72 Version 1.0.10020 Install
2023-1-15 1.0.10019 50 Version 1.0.10019 Install
2023-1-15 1.0.10018 13 Version 1.0.10018 Install
2023-1-14 1.0.10017 48 Version 1.0.10017 Install
2023-1-13 1.0.10016 58 Version 1.0.10016 Install
2023-1-13 1.0.10015 7 Version 1.0.10015 Install
2023-1-12 1.0.10014 72 Version 1.0.10014 Install
2023-1-12 1.0.10013 45 Version 1.0.10013 Install
2023-1-11 1.0.10012 46 Version 1.0.10012 Install
2023-1-9 1.0.10011 60 Version 1.0.10011 Install
2023-1-9 1.0.10010 29 Version 1.0.10010 Install
2023-1-8 1.0.10009 27 Version 1.0.10009 Install
2023-1-8 1.0.10008 16 Version 1.0.10008 Install
2023-1-8 1.0.10007 9 Version 1.0.10007 Install
2023-1-7 1.0.10006 46 Version 1.0.10006 Install
2023-1-7 1.0.10005 33 Version 1.0.10005 Install
2023-1-7 1.0.10004 28 Version 1.0.10004 Install
2023-1-6 1.0.10003 16 Version 1.0.10003 Install
2023-1-6 1.0.10002 51 Version 1.0.10002 Install
2023-1-5 1.0.10001 25 Version 1.0.10001 Install
2023-1-4 1.0.10000 59 Version 1.0.10000 Install
2023-1-4 1.0.10 18 Version 1.0.10 Install
2023-1-3 1.0.9 34 Version 1.0.9 Install
2023-1-2 1.0.8 45 Version 1.0.8 Install
2023-1-1 1.0.7 35 Version 1.0.7 Install
2022-12-31 1.0.6 23 Version 1.0.6 Install
2022-12-31 1.0.5 30 Version 1.0.5 Install
2022-12-30 1.0.4 42 Version 1.0.4 Install
2022-12-30 1.0.3 10 Version 1.0.3 Install
2022-12-30 1.0.2 20 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-12-29 1.0.1 34 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-12-29 1.0.0 13 Version 1.0.0 Install