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Prisoner Armamentarium

Adds a variety of alternative tools and melee weapons to the game to spice up your experience. Currently covers melee weapons and C-Foam launchers.

By Rixul
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Extra features for rundowns. Patching system overhaul!

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Prisoner Armamentarium

Adds additional tools and melee weapons to the game to change up your GTFO experience.

This pack currently covers melee weapons and foam launchers - hoping to expand mines and biotrackers in the future.

This pack will by default load you into a clone of Rundown 5 (Ext) with all missions unlocked. As with custom rundowns, artifact drops will not work. If you do have your own rundown, feel free to steal anything you want.

Melee Weapons

A slightly rebalanced version of my earlier mod Thwack Pack.

All weapons perform significantly different, so hopefully there's something that suits you!

A detailed breakdown of all weapon stats, information, and gameplay notes can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1z3s3rcL_4f6KXvfF1_h5gaAY-sgej8ertSnbbLYhx7w/edit?usp=sharing

  • Reach Hammer

    • Has greatly extended range and a higher headshot multiplier.
    • Lower regular damage than default.
    • Charge takes longer than default, but can be held virtually indefinitely.
  • Rapid Hammer

    • Light attacks are much faster than default hammers.
    • Slightly improved charge speed, but very low charged damage.
  • Bully Hammer

    • Push/shove range is greatly increased, and has a faster recovery and cooldown.
    • Significantly reduced uncharged damage.
    • Slightly lower headshot multiplier, and reduced precise range (see spreadsheet).
  • Quick Charge Hammer

    • Very fast charge speed.
    • Lower damage (charged and uncharged)
  • Heavy Hammer

    • Slow, high damage strikes.
    • Reduced headshot multiplier.
  • Headhunter Hammer

    • Increased uncharged damage with a very high headshot multiplier. Will one-shot small enemies to the head.
    • Missing (striking air) will penalize you with a long recovery time.
    • No charge. Holding attack will instead perform a quicker strike with a greatly increased miss penalty.
  • Frenzy Hammer

    • Incredibly fast uncharged attacks, with reduced damage and headshot multiplier.
    • Extended push range and speed.
    • No charge. Holding attack will instead perform a slower, higher damage attack (lower dps).
  • Titanic Hammer

    • Disables sprint while wielding.
    • Slow but very high damage, especially charged. Greatly reduced headshot multiplier.
    • Extended melee range and greatly extended push range.

C-Foam launchers

Tired of bringing a foam launcher and using it exclusively on doors? I am.

These foam launchers won't be able to permanently lock down doors, but make up for it by being actually effective on enemies/the ground.

They are designed to give enemies enough time to break down a door in the time it takes them to "cooldown" and fire again. So in active scenarios you'll be able to give doors at most two helpings of foam.

  • C-Foam Shotgun

    • Expels a large blast of foam to cover a wide area.
    • Charging does not impact amount of foam, but expels foam narrower and further.
    • 30 second cooldown, 1 shot per tool refill.
  • C-Foam Rifle

    • Long range precision delivery of enough foam to freeze a giant.
    • Charging does not impact amount of foam, but changes force at which foam is expelled.
    • 17 second cooldown, 4 shots per tool refill.
  • C-Foam Machinegun

    • Extended precise delivery of foam in a long burst.
    • Must be fully charged to fire.
    • 30 second cooldown. 1 shot per tool refill.
  • C-Foam Trailblazer

    • Infinite foam.
    • Activate to drop foam at your feet as you run for ~3.5 seconds.
    • Cannot foam doors.
    • 2 minute cooldown.

How to install:

Use R2Modmanager. If you have the know-how and want to manual install or port these to a different rundown, the plugins folder has all you need.

Thanks and credit to Dex for Tweaker, which is required for this pack to work.



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