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Projekt Thermonuclear

Projekt Thermonuclear. Created by Myresa & Frostty. Join our Discord!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_GTFO-3.2.0 icon

BepInEx pack for GTFO. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 3.2.0
dakkhuza-MTFO-4.4.4 icon

The premier in GTFO DataBlock editing ;^)

Preferred version: 4.4.4
Flowaria-MTFO_Extension_PartialData-1.4.2 icon

Add PartialData Support for your MTFO

Preferred version: 1.4.2


v0.02: That one version with pumped up spawn rate

v0.03: A1 -Fixed Zone 42->43 alarm scan to the correct difficulty -Reduced enemy detection buff -Reduced enemy density balance -Moved the first alarm one zone further

v0.05: A1 -Improved ending -Zone 44 lighting done -Zone 42 lighting slightly changed due to reasons out of our control, planned to be revisited later

v0.06: A1 -Fixed the "somewhere inside" string -Improved formatting on the ending chain of messages -Added more time to the ending sequence (about 2 'zone') -Changed Zone 43's population slightly

v0.11: GLOBAL -New sets of weapon, wip -Replaced Burst Sentry with our new AutoBurst Sentry (might be broken, who knows)

A2 -Release, lots of playtesting required, this level is quite longer

v0.12 A2 -Balanced out Z60's population -Moved Z60 resources in Z59

v0.13 A2 -Fixed confusing second terminal in z59 -moved z55 terminal further back


GLOBAL -Added new color coded text (cyan) to reinforce the idea that we're supervised by humans (more changes might come on this, like more text in each level) -Nerfed Blood/Crimson Fog by 25% -New custom weapons -buffs and nerfs to other weapons (ask frostty for details) -Removed the secret j̶͑͂e̵̐͊r̴̂̏r̶̍̕ẙ̵͂ level from progression

A2 -Changed Z60's population -Very small increase in Reactor time (this is a buff) -Changed Z57 and Z58's consumables to include fog repellers -Adjusting lighting in Z57 (better visibility, hopefully) -Adjusted fog height

B1 -Release, adjustments needed


B1 -Regenerated parts of the level to fix an issue that made some players unable to coop (putain de bordel) -adjusted resources -adjusted reactor waves

V0.20 GLOBAL -Replaced the entire arsenal -Introduced new sentry (grattler)

V0.21 GLOBAL -Modified stats of many weapons W. the help of @CoolBeanz -Introduced two new primary weapons, the SUNDER and the THORN

V0.22 GLOBAL -buffed THORN and SUNDER weapons -fixed an issue with THORN not having the critical damage values it should. -overhauled melee weapon arsenal -changed menu themes to something a little custom -nerfed the GRATTLER again

B1 -Added significantly more supplies to zone_69 nice for the Reactor and Tank Alarm

V0.23 GLOBAL -removed TETSUBO melee weapon -changed the stats of all melee weapons -added DAGGER melee weapon -changed the visual design of the FLANGED MACE melee weapon -buffed FLANGED MACE so it may now kill scouts -added flavor text to all weapon descriptions and rundown info screen

YOKAI-PT1 -release

V0.24 GLOBAL -remade model of NIGHTWALKER smg -added new secondary weapon, ONI

YOKAI-PT1 -completely remade level generation -added fogs. -added FOGS -fixed terrain holes -removed text string left from a previous iteration -upgraded mom to pmom -added more normal doors. Solo mine-deployers rejoice -added more darkness segments. -added even more sleepers -added slightly more resources (including disinfect packs)

V0.25 GLOBAL -added placeholders for all missions -new handcannon, the YOKAI

YOKAI-PT1 -reduced class of 1st alarm -removed the majority of the 'teamscan' doors.

YOKAI-PT2 -release

V0.26 YOKAI-PT2 -added logs -increased distance of alarms

YOKAI-PT3 -release

V0.27 GLOBAL -updated to the latest GTFO build with r1//alt -added a new sentry, the CATACLYSM -added a new secondary, the GHOST

YOKAI-PT3 -fixed an issue where the Immortal wouldn't aggro

SUDNO -release

V0.28 GLOBAL Heavily nerfed CATACLYSM sentry

INFERNO -release

V0.29 HOT-FIX GLOBAL -removed biotracker synthesis from the CATACLYSM -Added logs to C1 -fixed missing text string for Cultist logs -changed rundown screen color for C-floor

V0.30 HOT-FIX HOT-FIX INFERNO -fixed missing mommy

V0.31 INFERNO -moved some of the HHDs to fix a potential soft-lock -changed the colors on the rundown screen, again

V0.32 GLOBAL -added the DOGMA primary weapon

ENTROPY -release

V0.33 GLOBAL -another revamp to the rundown screen. -slightly tweaked lighting settings

V0.34 ENTROPY -added significantly more resources for the reactor -added fogs to the level

SUDNO -renamed to OBLIVION

V0.35 GLOBAL -thunderstore build -removed LocalProgression (was having issues with it showing fake levels, sorry.)


V0.36 GLOBAL -nerfed DOGMA's reload speed

THERMONUCLEAR -reduced the difficulty of several scans from class-V to class-III

OBLIVION -completely remade

V0.36.5 GLOBAL -changed the rundown intel screen a bit with new info -added the KAIJU primary weapon

V0.37 GLOBAL -nerfed LEADBELCHER's damage slightly -buffed KAIJU's stagger significantly

BREAKPOINT -complete level remaster

THERMONUCLEAR -added more onions -fixed the uplink issue by adding 'OnObjectiveComplete' waves to the secondary and another to the main objective

V0.37.3 BREAKPOINT -added a few strikers to the uplink room -added an uplink OnObjectiveComplete wave setting to avoid cheese -made the extract scan slower

V0.38 GLOBAL -slightly reduced maximum ammo for the KAIJU

BREAKPOINT -rerolled uplink room tile again to fix a hole

ENTROPY reduced wave time of tanks from 7 to 5 minutes

OBLIVION -fixed a text string on return to extraction zone

V0.39 GLOBAL -buffed critical damage for the KAIJU -nerfed maximum ammo for the KAIJU

PRESSURECOOKER -complete level remaster -added more noodles

V0.39.2 GLOBAL -nerfed DOGMA's maximum ammo -added STAT-B scans to all levels

V0.39.8 GLOBAL -added PT to every main level in the rundown screen -reduced BUTCHER's maximum ammo, fixing an issue with reloads -fixed an issue where the CATACLYSM had synthesis again

V0.40 GLOBAL -sweeping changes to weapon balance across the board -added colors to the weapons in the loadout screen -sorted loadout screen weapons by manufacturer -new secondary, the IMPALER -new secondary, the SENESCHAL -renamed the KAIJU to the KRAKEN -added a new scan type -changed lighting in certain levels

OUTBREAK -level remaster, don't expect much, mostly bug fixes

EPILOGUE -new level, set 3 years after the events of PT

V0.41 GLOBAL -various weapon balance changes -removed ALL thermal sights

EPILOGUE -removed a lot of the extra ammo, medi, and tool

V0.41.5 GLOBAL -changed various weaponmodels -reduced time per shot for the SENESCHAL -fixed a text string confusing delta for bravo on the Cultist guns

V0.42 GLOBAL -various weapon changes -new level placeholder... ;)

V0.43 GLOBAL -various changes

BREAKPOINT -removed a tank

BREAK FREE -release

V0.43.5 BREAK FREE -removed auto-drop because of bugs -added tool because of unrestricted equipment

V0.44 GLOBAL -weapon model changes -weapon buffs/nerfs -added suggested loadouts to the rundown screen for bonus levels -added new melee weapon

BREAKPOINT -complete level remake (again) -added secondary

BREAK FREE -complete level remake

THE HEART -release

V0.44.2 GLOBAL -changed the sights on a couple guns

BREAKPOINT -fixed a bug with the secondary that caused artifacts from vanilla to spawn

V0.45 GLOBAL -fixed several bugs and issues relating to level generation and certain tiles

V0.46 OUTBREAK -complete level remaster

V0.46.5 GLOBAL -new shotgun secondary, the TRAPDOOR

THE HEART -doubled the fog timer.

V0.46.8 OUTBREAK -fixed a terminal placement

V0.47 GLOBAL -fixed a wavesetting issue that prevented intended spawnplacement on uplink secondaries PT-B1 and PT-D1

V0.48 GLOBAL -fixed several issues with muzzleflash settings

BRAVO, DELTA, YOKAI -release -Happy New Year!

V0.49 GLOBAL -changed several weaponmodels -changed most of the weapon scopes to more realistic alternatives (zooooom) -fixed a ton of inconsistent text strings -new sentry, the HELSTORM

YOKAI-3 -completely changed level narrative to be an extension of PT-A1 secondary and PT-B1 secondary

BRAVO, DELTA, YOKAI -cut the total number of sleepers during waves in half

V0.50 GLOBAL -Two new guns, the WENDIGO and the DIVINITY

YOKAI-3 -replaced the t-posing immortal -fixed a typo in one of the logs

V0.50.2 GLOBAL -new gun, the ORCINUS

V0.51 GLOBAL -changed text relating to all locked security doors -changed text relating to all storage rooms and storage room terminals to be easier to identify

THE HEART -complete level remake

Available versions

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2023-1-14 0.51.0 53 Version 0.51.0 Install
2023-1-14 0.50.2 22 Version 0.50.2 Install
2023-1-13 0.50.0 15 Version 0.50.0 Install
2023-1-10 0.49.0 35 Version 0.49.0 Install
2023-1-1 0.48.0 52 Version 0.48.0 Install
2022-12-29 0.47.0 23 Version 0.47.0 Install
2022-12-19 0.46.8 37 Version 0.46.8 Install
2022-12-11 0.46.5 39 Version 0.46.5 Install
2022-12-7 0.46.0 28 Version 0.46.0 Install
2022-11-28 0.45.0 61 Version 0.45.0 Install
2022-11-22 0.44.2 50 Version 0.44.2 Install
2022-11-22 0.44.0 15 Version 0.44.0 Install
2022-11-17 0.43.5 53 Version 0.43.5 Install
2022-11-16 0.43.0 23 Version 0.43.0 Install
2022-11-13 0.42.0 50 Version 0.42.0 Install
2022-11-11 0.41.5 32 Version 0.41.5 Install
2022-11-10 0.41.0 16 Version 0.41.0 Install
2022-11-9 0.40.0 32 Version 0.40.0 Install
2022-11-8 0.39.8 51 Version 0.39.8 Install
2022-11-7 0.39.2 32 Version 0.39.2 Install
2022-11-7 0.39.0 18 Version 0.39.0 Install
2022-11-6 0.38.0 44 Version 0.38.0 Install
2022-11-5 0.37.3 75 Version 0.37.3 Install
2022-11-4 0.37.0 17 Version 0.37.0 Install
2022-11-4 0.36.5 68 Version 0.36.5 Install
2022-11-3 0.36.0 57 Version 0.36.0 Install
2022-11-1 0.35.1 57 Version 0.35.1 Install