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Add more flexibility for designing your own emeny, For Rundown Devs. (Currently In Beta)

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The premier in GTFO DataBlock editing

Preferred version: 4.2.0


This Mod is for Rundown Developer, not user

Reference Config file to start with
Wiki Page for Rundown Devs (Very WIP at this moment)

0.6.0 Update Log

  • Added SpawnCost Custom
  • Updated GlowCustom so Hibernation color and SelfWakeup color works now

0.5.1 Update Log

  • Fixed Issue where Shooter Distance based setting able to changed during fire
  • Fixed Issue where Marker Custom Sprites are gone when they used on two different settings

0.5.0 Update Log

  • Added ScoutWaveCustom, Powerful settings to customize scout wave!
  • Added GlowCustom on ModelCustomization Section!
  • Now Support PartialData Extension you can use GUID as persistentIDs if you want!
  • Now use indirect reference to MTFO so it will be less version dependent.

0.4.2 Update Log

  • Bug Fix: Custom Tag Image gone after restart
  • Bug Fix: Weird Hitreact bug

0.4.1 Update Log

  • Recompiled Plugin with 1.2.0 BepInEx pack generated unhollowed assemblies

Supported Features

  • Model Customization

    • ShadowCustom: Shadow Varient Customization (For every enemy model)
    • MaterialCustom: Material Swapper for changing skin of emenies
    • GlowCustom: for edting color of enemy glowing in general, also provide feature to adding custom Pulse Effect
    • LimbCustom: Enemy Limb Health/Weak/ArmorSpot Customization
    • MarkerCustom: Bio-tracker Ping Icon Customization (with custom images)
    • ModelRefCustom: ModelReference Custom for editing Bio-Tracker Ping position/Shooter Firing Position/Striker Tentacle Position
  • Ability Customization

    • FogSphereCustom: Fog Sphere Ability's Fog Setting
    • BirthingCustom: Birthing Ability Customization
    • HealthRegenCustom: for Health Regen/Decay Enemy
    • InfectionAttackCustom: for Infectious Tentacle/Punch
  • Striker Tentacle Customization

    • StrikerTentacleCustom
    • Striker Tentacle Model Type Customization
    • Striker Tentacle In/Out/Stay time Custom
    • TentacleDefinitions
    • Work in Progress
  • Shooter Firing Customization

    • ShooterFireCustom
    • Shooter Projectile Setting Custom
    • Distance based Projectile Setting Swapper
    • ProjectileDefinitions
    • Custom Shooter Projectile Editing
  • Detection Customization

    • FeelerCustom: Scout Feeler Count/Color/Distance Customization
  • Scout Wave Customization

    • Different Setting Per Scout Variants
    • StopOnDead Setting for Scout alive orientated constant alarm
    • Random Picker for having different wave setting for single variant
  • SpawnCost Customization

    • You can edit Enemy's spawncost without editing population settings


  • peelz for helping me to setup for future MTFO update
  • Mccad00 for few icons for MarkerCustom

Available versions

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