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CUI-Based Utility Plugin for Rundown Developers

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_GTFO-2.0.1 icon

BepInEx pack for GTFO. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 2.0.1


DISCLAIMER: This mod only work if all player in lobby using this mod! You cannot join normal lobbies with this mod!

Development Console Command Tool for Rundown Devs!


  • Allow Force drop when you are host whatever teammate is ready or not
  • Allow swap weapon in lobby menu while in-game
  • Fast Elevator & Timescale on startup (Configurable)
  • Built-in Screen Skipper Feature (Configurable)
  • Silent Elevator when Timescale is set or Fast Elevator is set


  • (~) Open Console (Configurable)
  • (\) Open Compact Console
  • (Tab) Auto Complete Command
  • (UpArrow) Auto Complete / Browse Command History
  • (DownArrow) Auto Complete / Browse Command History
  • (F1) Freecam (press T to teleport)
  • (F2) Location Info Menu
  • (F3) Resource Menu
  • (F4) FPS Weapon Inspector
  • (F5) [Only on First Startup] - Restore to latest expedition you dropped
  • (Insert) - Weapon Builder Menu

Update (0.8.9)

  • Added InsertBulkheadKey command
  • FullBright Intensity is now Customizable
  • FullBright Command default intensity change (0.15 -> 0.2)
  • Fixed Typo on UnlockTerminal command Description



 - Cls | Clear the Console Screen
 - Help | Show information about command/hotkeys [Usage: 'Help <cmd/key>']


 - EnemyDetection | Toggle the enemy detection
 - KillEnemies | Kill reachable enemies
 - MarkEnemies | Mark reachable enemies
 - SpawnEnemy | Spawn Enemy on your crosshair by their EnemyID/Name [Usage: 'SpawnEnemy <Enemy ID/Enemy Name> [-scout / -hunter]']


 - FastElevator | Toggle Fast Elevator
 - TimeScale | Change the timescale of the game [Usage: 'TimeScale <scale>']


 - EnemyList | List out Enemies in game
 - ItemList | List the item ids [Usage: 'ItemList <All/Consumable/Pickup/BigPickup/Resource/Tool>']


 - GiveGear | Equip Gear from gear offline id [Usage: 'GiveGear <playeroffline gear id>']
 - GiveItem | Equip Item from item id [Usage: 'GiveItem <item id>']
 - Ammo | Give Full Ammo
 - Disinfect | Fully Disinfect
 - Health | Give Full Health


 - Freecam | sv_cheats 1;freecam
 - God | Ignore all damage
 - IgnoreKnockback | Toggle Ignoring Knockback (or EEC Grapple) effect?
 - InfiniteClip | Toggle Weapon Clip to be infinite (pull directly from ammo)
 - Noclip | sv_cheats 1;noclip
 - OneHitKill | Toggle One Hit Kill
 - RevealMap | Reveal Map [Usage: 'RevealMap [-outline / If set: it will only show outline of the map, not the full items]']
 - ReviveSelf | Revive Self
 - SpawnTripmine | Spawn Tripmine in crosshair [Usage: 'SpawnTripmine [Explosive/Glue/Consumable]']
 - Stamina | Toggle Stamina System
 - Suicide | Suicide


 - FullBright | Toggle FullBright
 - Turbine | Toggle Mobile Fog Turbine


 - List | Show Terminal Items [Usage: 'List <filter1> [filter2] [filter3] ...']
 - Ping | Trigger Ping for Terminal Item [Usage: 'Ping <Terminal Item Name>']
 - Query | Get Detailed Information of Terminal Item [Usage: 'Query <Terminal Item Name>']


 - CompleteObjective | Complete Layer Objective [Usage: 'CompleteObjective <Layer>']
 - ExecuteEvents | Execute WardenObjective Events (Not Network Synced) [Usage: 'ExecuteEvents <Layer Type> <Activate/GotoWin> [Activate EventBreak Index (0~n)]']


 - Reactor_Select | Select Reactor before using 'reactor_' cheats [Usage: 'Reactor_Select <Reactor Name (ie: REACTOR_111)>']
 - Reactor_Codes | Dump all Reactor codes
 - Reactor_Jumptowave | Jump to specific Reactor wave [Usage: 'Reactor_Jumptowave <Wave>'] [HOST ONLY]
 - Reactor_SetIdle | Set Reactor State to Idle [HOST ONLY]


 - Search | Search for objects in level by it's name [Usage: 'Search <Substring>']
 - SearchClear | Clear all marker spawned by Search Command
 - SearchItem | Search for Item in Level by id [Usage: 'SearchItem <Item ID>']
 - SearchObjective | Search for Objective Item in Layer [Usage: 'SearchObjective <Layer Type>']
 - SearchProgression | Search for Progression Objects (Key/Cell/Generator/Turbine) in level
 - SearchTerminal | Search for Terminals in level


 - PlaySound | Play Sound in Player Position [Usage: 'PlaySound <Sound ID / Name>']


 - Bind | Bind Keyboard key with command [Usage: 'Bind <KeyCode> <command line>']
 - Loop | Loop specified command line with given delay [Usage: 'Loop <count> <ms delay> <"command line">']
 - Unbind | Unbind Keyboard key with command [Usage: 'Unbind <KeyCode>']


 - StartWave | Trigger Survival Wave (Related to Players room) [Usage: 'StartWave <wave setting id> <wave population id>'] [HOST ONLY]
 - StopAllWave | Stop all Survival Wave [HOST ONLY]


 - BreakDoor | Break Door (Or even Closing Security Door) in your crosshair
 - BreakLock | Break Lock in your crosshair
 - Checkpoint | Checkpoint Reached! [HOST ONLY]
 - InsertBulkheadKey | Insert Bulkhead Key to DC in crosshair
 - InsertCell | Insert Powercell to Generator in crosshair
 - JumpDimension | Jump to specified Dimension [Usage: 'JumpDimension <Dimension Index>']
 - Open | Open Door/Locker in your crosshair
 - OpenAll | Open All Door/Locker in Level [Usage: 'OpenAll <door/weakdoor/secdoor/locker/all>']
 - SetFog | Set Fog Setting [Usage: 'SetFog <FogDataID>']
 - Unlock | Unlock Door/Locker in your crosshair
 - UnlockAll | Unlock All Door/Locker in Level [Usage: 'UnlockAll <door/weakdoor/secdoor/locker/all>']
 - UnlockTerminal | Unlock Password Locked Terminal in crosshair

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-8-4 0.8.9 51 Version 0.8.9 Install
2022-8-2 0.8.8 45 Version 0.8.8 Install
2022-7-31 0.8.7 36 Version 0.8.7 Install
2022-7-30 0.8.6 39 Version 0.8.6 Install